Curation Policy

Here at we curate for our readers to see the best of the internet on our subject matter. If we are linking to your blog, we mean it as a direct compliment to you and we link directly to your information, sending our readers directly to your website material.

The internet has a community based concept of linking and sharing to bring the best, most relevant, and most appropriate content to the searching or inquiring reader.

If we have chosen an article from your site, we are giving it our vote of approval. We may excerpt a small snippet to introduce the material and give it our highest recommendation, but we direct our reader in every case to your website where the full article is located.

We follow the art and design of curation to benefit our readers by providing an excellent reading experience, and we reward website owners by sending them our traffic.

If you see your website article curated, excerpted, and directly linked to, we found it to be very exceptional content for our readers.

However, if you wish us not to link to your article or website in any way we will take down any links or excerpts to your website at your request.

As soon as your request is received, the link(s) and any related excerpts to your website will be taken down immediately and you will be added to our list of sites that we will not excerpt, link to or refer to in any way in the future.

Emails we receive are from authors and publishers who are delighted to see their material referred to and linked to our site 99% of the time, since it increases their exposure and credibility.


We curate content to inspire and inform visitors to discover and visit your content, and engage with it on your website.

We excerpt your content so that visitors may be more informed and redirected to the original source on your website to engage with content that we or our readers have quoted, discussed, commented on, and ultimately linked to in order to send interested readers to your website.

Most online authors and publishers realize the value of having their material shared socially to extend their readership and profitability on their original website, effectively impacting their readers and keeping them informed.


If you find a story on our site that you like, that’s great!

You may feel free to excerpt our content as you wish, however please give us clear credit and links back to the article, thanks!

Take as much of our content as you think will inform and entertain your readers. Just link, credit, and encourage the reader to visit the original site.

Please be honest and respectful in representing and sharing our content as we will to you, and everyone benefits.


  • We never publish any links, excerpts, or snippets without the intention of sending traffic to your website.
  • Headlines published to link to your article are always changed to add meaning, interest, context, and analysis to your articles.
  • Your website material will always receive full credit via direct links and sending you readers


  • always cite or excerpt only what is necessary to communicate the main point of interest of the article to readers
  • never allow curation of more that one article from any one website in a 24 hour period
  • never excerpt or outline a snippet that is more than 25% of any article


Internet trends of sharing and curating content are constantly developing and changing. If what we have curated, cited, recommended does not fit your needs and you would like more links to your content or shorter excerpts from your content, just let us know.


We will make the changes to fit your standards immediately.

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