About My Journey That Led to Blogging

Life Before

Brainhay.com About Us PageI’ve always enjoyed developing my intellect as much as possible throughout my school years and working as both a hematology technologist and later as a physical therapist.
I did take it for granted that I could move forward in life as I pleased by developing my knowledge and skills as a health care professional.

That all changed in a moment when a car hit me at maximum force, sending my car careening into a vehicle head on in the oncoming lane. Thankfully I don’t remember much about the accident itself.  I was knocked out on impact and awoke in the emergency room briefly where I was quickly anesthesized for surgery and finally woke up in intensive care.

What followed was an intense year of rehabilitation from numerous orthopedic and internal injuries. The biggest issue I had to overcome was moderate brain injury. I worked really hard at getting better…but life changed dramatically. Injury and trauma changes you, and brain injury, in my opinion, changes you much more.

I had to re-learn how to walk, how to move, how to express myself, how to use my brain to accomplish things that no longer came naturally to me. I struggled with wanting my old life. Even though I returned to work after a year or therapy and recuperation, that old life just never came back. I had to learn to embrace my second chance at life, but it was a hard road.

Life After

Two years later I underwent a spinal tap at my request to my neurologist because I just couldn’t understand why I was still having such a hard time. Moving was harder. Thinking was harder. In general, being active at the level I was used to pre-injury felt extremely difficult.

My spinal tap revealed I had multiple sclerosis, a condition causing continued chronic inflammation and injury to my nervous system. It explained the constant sensory discomfort and pain I had.

It was a long road to really accept and add this diagnosis to my brain trauma issues that still created problems in daily life. I thought ignoring it and pushing on with work would help, and that did to some extent. Yet life continued to be overwhelming in so many ways. My world was shrinking with feelings of hopelessness. I went on medications for MS and many different types of natural treatments as well, but that is a whole other story.

A breakthrough really came when I sought out some events to get the most current information on Multiple Sclerosis. I signed up for a support group and began to attend. I met people of many backgrounds and different levels of disability, but most importantly, I met people who understood what I was going through as they had similar experiences.

In life you can choose to let adversity crush you, or you can choose to give what you have learned from your experience to help and encourage others. We have a close group and we reach out to one another for emotional, inspirational and informational support as we share experiences.

My shrinking world began to expand again as I developed new friendships and attended more activities. Over time this gave me the strength to participate in other activities in my community and in my church.

About BrainHay

I began this blog as a proactive move to educate myself more about how the brain works and what influences brain health. It has been journey of total health, because I found the brain influences the health of all the body’s systems.

I hope you will enjoy journeying with me as I discover new ways to improved brain health and mentual acuity as well as an inspired and strong inner life of the mind and spirit. Here at Brainhay, I constantly strive to deliver information on the forefront of brain health as well as fun and inspiring reading and activities to entertain and stimulate your brain!

If you have something special or informative to share, please share it! There is so much we can do to encourage one another. Leave a comment or contact me and I would love to respond, share, and help in any way I can.

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